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Accursed Contest

To enter the following contest you must be 18 or over.

This month Accursed (m/m paranormal) is scheduled for release by Changeling Press. To enter for the chance to win a $15- electronic gift certificate to All Romance Ebooks, send an email to with Accursed Contest in the subject line. Deadline to enter is midnight on Friday May 29, 2015. On Saturday May 30, 2015 a winner will be drawn at random from the entries. Thank you and good luck!

by Saloni Quinby
M/M Paranormal
Witches and Demons 2
Coming soon from Changeling Press.

At the request of his aunt, Medium Maxim Thomas travels to the London mansion of actor Ian Northhill to search for paranormal dangers. The first-born sons in Ian's family have all died on their thirty-fourth birthday, and Ian's is just around the corner. The problem is, he doesn't believe in ghosts, demons or curses.

When Maxim and Ian meet, they're overwhelmed by lust, but great sex doesn't change Maxim's bitterness toward actors or Ian's loathing of "phony" psychics. Unable to ignore their desire for each other, the men try to overcome their prejudices. While Ian performs a retelling of Jekyll and Hyde on stage, a real life Jekyll and Hyde plots to destroy him. Will Ian trust Maxim enough to allow his lover to save him from the family curse?